Zuii Makeup Tutorial 2/3: Pink Begonia Lips

Beauty | 13.4.2015 | Katja Kokko


This post is a collaboration with Zuii

This spring has been all about pink eye shadow. And yet I doubt that many of us will go red on a weekday morning – unless it’s a lipstick. These rosy lids, however, shot through with a hint of gold and metallic grey-brown, with dark brown lining the eyes, will make you look neither teary-eyed nor tired.

I began by applying Chestnut, my go-to eyeshadow from Zuii, across the entire lid. Using a large brush, I then mixed Tawney from the Natural palette with the rose gold colored Rose Mist, and swept it over the upper lid and under the lower lash line. A pale golden toned shadow in the color Mustard was then applied onto the brow bone, finishing off with lining the upper lash line with Dark Chocolate, a dark brown matte shadow. And that’s how you transfigure this spring’s hottest eyeshadow trend into something a bit more office-appropriate.



But Zuii’s Begonia Sheer Stick is such an irresistible color – especially for the spring – that I wanted to make the lips the focus of the look. I applied a bit of Frangipani lip-gloss over the Sheer Stick to give the lips a really glossy finish; the golden shimmer in the gloss is a perfect match to the soft golden sheen of the lids.

On the cheeks I used Melon blush, as well as a loose Sparkle Blush highlighter in the color Mango.

To see more pictures of this look, please check this post.


How to create the look:

  • Start by priming your face with the Foundation Primer, and follow this with a redness-neutralizing Color Corrective cream in the shade Mint.
  • Apply Olive Light foundation using your fingers or a brush. Set the base with a light dusting of loose powder, but leave the lids un-powdered.
  • Use concealer pencils in the colors Fair and Latte to cover dark under-eye circles, and to even out the skin tone of the eyelids. Mix the colors on a palette or on the back of your hand.
  • Apply Chestnut over the entire lid, up to (but not over) the crease. Using a large eye shadow brush, mix Rose Mist and Tawney from the Natural palette, and apply lightly over the lid, blending up and over the crease.
  • Take the color Mustard from the Natural palette and apply lightly onto the brow bone.
  • Take the matte Dark Chocolate shadow on an angled brush to line the upper lash line, softly fading toward the inner corner.




Can you see yourself trying out this spring’s pink eyeshadow trend with these colors? What about these delicious pink lips?

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Jewelry Giuseppe Zanotti/Boutique Kaarina K.

Model Amelie/Fondi

Photos Mikko Rasila

Translation Katja Nikula

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