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Beauty | 14.1.2019 | Katja Kokko

Dewy, glowing honey skin is the hottest makeup trend right now, although I’m sure everyone doesn’t gush about it like me. Honey skin is a treat for dry and normal skin, but can be trickier to create on oily and impure skin – but not impossible. 

Since Berlin-based Nui Cosmetics landed on Finnish soil a year ago, their liquid foundation has sold like hotcakes. The product has especially been praised by those who normally find the staying power of foundation a challenge. The composition of Nui cosmetics is ideal for oily, shine-prone skin, as the Liquid Foundation, Cream Blush Stick and Natural Illusion Cream have a dryer, more solid composition than their equivalents in many other ranges. This translates as improved staying power, as oily products tend to easily melt into skin that is prone to shine and oiliness over the course of the day or for some other reason. Nui makeup creates a gorgeous glow and velvety texture, so even those with oily skin don’t have to resort to caking the skin with matt makeup.

The first powdery product was added to the Nui makeup range this autumn: blush, which I see more as a multi-purpose product with shades that also work for contouring and as eye shadow. 

Where my last makeup recipe was more suitable for dry and normal skin, these products are particularly good for oilier skin. This makeup is also great for anyone after a classic look with a toned-down, more velvety glow. Again, I want to offer a few different blusher and lipstick options. Nui doesn’t include anything too daring in its eyeshadow and eyeliner selection for now, so the eye makeup look is very natural, which I tend to go for anyway. 

Nui foundation has a heavenly, velvety texture. It glides beautifully onto skin without caking, but doesn’t allow to endlessly work onto skin, as it sets pretty quickly. You can easily dab another layer on areas that may need additional coverage. The composition isn’t oily, so you don’t need to worry about setting it with lots of powder. If you have dry or normal skin, you could skip powder altogether. 

I’ve used the shades Taiao and Intense Taiao of the foundation (pictured is the Intense Taiao shade, which is perhaps a little too dark for my winter skin, although hardly noticeable). I applied the foundation with my fingers, but a brush would work well, too. 

I think of the Natural Illusion Cream Eyeshadow more as an illuminator, as the elegant shades and perfect glow do their magic in highlighting the highest points of the face. The texture is so firm that the highlights stay put without melting into the foundation. I’m wearing the shade Puawai, which I’ve stroked above the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose and on the inner corners of the eyes.

Blush Mahana for contouring and as eye shadow, the shade Waimarie on the cheeks

My winter skin yearns for some warmth, but bronzing powder needs to be chosen carefully, as bronze hues can create a stuffy appearance on pale skin. For a bit of warmth and contour, I chose the shade Mahana in the blush range, which I also used as eye shadow. On my cheeks, I went for the shade Waimarie with the exception of the last look when I swapped it for the multi-stick in the Pititi shade (worn below as well as in the images with the bottle of foundation). The texture of the multi-stick is nice and firm also for oily skin. 

Multistick Pititi

Lately, I’ve been inspired by a nude lip in various shades. Nui lipstick shade Nyree is perfect, as it’s not too brown or orange. On the other hand, brighter peachy lips feel particularly fresh right now. The Nui peachy Emere shade is alluring – nude and vibrantly peachy at the same time, it brings a warm breeze in the middle of the darkest winter. 

Lipstick Nyree, blush Waimarie
Lipstick Emere, blush Waimarie

Nui makeup is worth all the hype, and the new product additions have sealed its position as one of the best natural makeup ranges.  

What are your experiences with Nui makeup?

Photos Richard Isaac

Translated by Rebecca Watson

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