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Beauty | 14.1.2019 | Katja Kokko

Last year, I completely fell in love with the Oat Milk Foundation by Australian Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. Actually, both me and Inke’s Beauty Corner did, and we were also blown away by their skincare products. All that hype was worth it, and now these products are also available in Finland. Check Naturelleshop, and you might fall in love with them too!

Born in Mexico, Ere Perez founded her brand in 2004. This brand has had a great influence on the growth of natural cosmetics in the Australian market. Still, after fifteen years, their bestseller is the iconic Natural Almond Mascara. Their make up products not only make you look more beautiful but also nourish and protect your skin.

Olive Oil Lipstick Big Band

Many companies use synthetic pigments to make their colors look brighter and more delicious. In fact, natural pigments are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to developing natural make up. Ere Perez products have no natural cosmetic certification, and like many other natural make up collections their color cosmetics contain synthetic pigments. I don’t think a very small amount of synthetic pigments in make up is much of a risk.

Olive Oil Lipstick Picnic

With Ere Perez products you can bring the hottest K-Beauty trends glass skin and honey skin to your face. They really do what their slogan “For a good skin day” promises: they make your skin look bright, dewy, hydrated, smooth and very natural! Almost daily I get compliments on my skin, and even if the glow comes from many different sources, Ere Perez make up is a part of my secret.

Even though glass skin and honey skin look bare and natural, it doesn’t mean they are bare and natural. I created a make up recipe using Ere Perez products for you. The look is based on glowing skin and juicy colored lips, while eye makeup remains very natural.

1. Foundation

Ere Perez’s Oat Milk Foundation is my make up product number 1 – you can’t praise this product too much! The texture of the foundation is both rich and velvety creamy. It applies perfectly smooth to your skin, and you can layer up as much you desire, because the foundation doesn’t look cakey or dry out your skin, nor wear off. After applying your skin looks glowing and dewy. The foundation offers a full coverage but still looks natural on your skin.

The soft, rich and nourishing texture makes Oat Milk Foundation perfect for normal, dry and aging skin. For oily and combination skin this foundation is too nourishing and creamy, so for oily skin I’d recommend oil-free, water based Quinoa Water Foundation.

Of the six different shades my choice is Chai, a perfectly yellowish tone. I always use my fingers to apply this foundation.

2. Highlighter

For glowing make up a highlighter is a must. Vanilla Highlighter has a brilliant size, texture and glow – and it comes with an irresistible vanilla fragrant! Currently I’m using the darker Sun Halo shade, but the lighter Falling Star is a very beautiful shade too. Be careful with sun powder during winter time because it easily looks dirty on a pale skin. Sun Halo gives a nice warm touch without looking dirty.

I apply highlighter to the bridge of my nose, Cupid’s bow, above cheekbones, beneath my brow bone and a bit on my forehead. You can also contour your entire face with highlighter before applying the foundation.

3. Blush

Ere Perez’s Carrot Color Pots blush and lipstick combo is rich, creamy and ample in pigment. Combination of olive oil, candelilla wax, avocado oil and carrot oil also makes it perfect for lips – usually these combos are too dry and sticky for lips. I’d love to have all these delicious shades for myself, but for this recipe I chose the pink shade Harmony. I wear it when I want to have a very natural nude make up. When I feel glamorous, I choose the fire engine red Hello.

4. Eyeliner

Eyeliners found their way back into my makeup bag last autumn. I haven’t used black eyeliner though; instead I play with different colors. Before I really liked smoky and faded eye lines, but nowadays I prefer very thin and subtle lines. I draw a thin line along my upper lashes halfway of the eye. A thin line makes your lashes look thicker and keeps the make up natural, but changing colors makes the look more interesting. Of the Jojoba Eye Pencils, my pick is the khaki green shade Forest. The pencil is what the perfect eyeliner is meant to be: both soft and permanent.

5. Mascara

Pictures tell more than a thousand words about the Ere Perez bestseller Natural Almond Mascara. It gives a perfect touch, doesn’t smudge, flake or straighten your lashes, and stays put all day. It might be the most permanent natural mascara I’ve ever used. In these pictures I’m only wearing one layer of it, and the result is absolutely perfect!

Please note that the Avocado Waterproof Mascara contains silicone.

6. Brow pencil

Ere Perez only has one brow pencil shade: Perfect. Its name tells everything about the product. I only fill my brows a bit with this pencil, so what you see in the pictures is actually my real brow color.

Eyebrows are a very important part of your looks. I recommend you to trim and to quickly shape your brows daily, and with that almost no other make up is needed.

Carrot Pot Harmony on the lips
Olive Oil Lipstick Picnic

Olive Oil Lipstick Surprise
Olive Oil Lipstick Big Band

7. Lipstick

Ere Perez’s Olive Oil lipsticks’ colors are like candies! Olive Oil Lipsticks are both light and ample in pigment, and they glide smoothly on your lips. You can even wear these lipsticks on dry and chapped lips, since they are rather moisturising and nourishing than dry.

Changing lipstick color is a ridiculously simple way to change the look of your whole make up. For this make up recipe, I chose a few different colors. I’m wearing a peachy pastel Picnic (the second picture), a juicy pink Surprise (the third picture), and a Paris red Big Band (the fourth picture). You always wanna test the classic red of every brand, don’t you! In the first picture I’m wearing the Carrot Color Pots shade Harmony. 

Ere Perez rises the pole of natural make up with the textures, colors and nourishment of their products – not to mention the results. There’s simply no need for synthetic makeup anymore!

Did you already fall in love with Ere Perez collection? What are your favorite products?

Pictures Richard Isaac

Translated by Hilla Hautajoki

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