Study: Treating Rosacea With Natural Cosmetics, Part 2

Beauty | 29.12.2014 | Katja Kokko


My cousin and I began a study on treating rosacea with natural cosmetics (from Suki) at the end of October. This second part has been delayed due to our difficulties in finding the time to record the results – we only got the chance to meet up at the end of this year. In the meantime, however, my cousin has been diligently following the skin care scheme I gave her, and it is now finally time to look at the changes in her skin that have occurred since then.

As you might recall, there are unfortunately no pictures of my cousin’s skin at the start of February, at which point she had been using Mein Base salts for almost six months, at the instruction of a cosmetologist. Her skin looked absolutely terrible, to be honest; it was as if someone had thrown boiling water on her face. Our outset point was almost perfect in comparison, but she still experienced dryness and tightness on her forehead; crustiness on the forehead, nose, and around the mouth; as well as constant outbreaks of bumps and spots. The crust gave her skin a rough feel, making her makeup look cakey and uneven. You can read more about where we started off, here.


I’ll let my cousin describe her experiences with the products, as well as the results we gained in two months, in her own words.

“Suki’s products are great, and I’ve repurchased the products twice now, to replace things I’ve run out of. I intend to continue using these products – there’s no going back.”

“The toner is a must-have for me, it’s refreshing and smoothing. The serum does what it says, and although I do still get breakouts, the redness fades quicker now thanks to the serum. The moisturizer is perfect, especially when combined with the serum and oil. The oil is another great product: it gives you a nice glow and makes your skin look dewy even under makeup.”

“I found the mask a bit heavy, and longed for something more refreshing. I would love to try Suki’s cleansing mask. The cleansing milk didn’t really suit me either; it didn’t feel cleansing enough, and I still got bumps.”


“The results: visibly smoother and softer skin! The crustiness has gone, my forehead is smooth, and I’ve had a lot of people commenting on my glowing skin. I still get bumps, but since my skin is now less dry and infected, the bumps aren’t as sore as before. It’s such a relief to know that, even if stress, stomach problems, or unhealthy food sometimes cause trouble and have me breaking out, I can get the situation under control faster than I could before.”


“The products don’t prevent breakouts, however, or the harsh reality of rosacea: a bad diet (sugar and greasy food, for me) and stress instantly manifest as bumps (this experiment has been somewhat compromised by great upheavals, new things, and a tight work schedule). These things affect the gut, which in turn affects rosacea. On the other hand, I believe that yoga has supported and given balance to this project, and the experiment itself has taught me a lot about my own skin: how to hydrate my skin, and how important my skin’s well-being is for my own well-being. I want to take better care of myself – nothing is as important as our health. It will be a constant balancing-act as I can’t just spend the rest of my life lounging about, avoiding stress; but the majority of my actions should promote my own well-being. Choosing the best products for my skin is one way of doing that.”


I have instructed my cousin to continue using the same products – except for the cleansing milk and the mask, which have been substituted with Iroisie’s micellar gel and Suki’s cleansing mask, respectively. I’ve also recommended Juice Beauty’s Soothing Serum. My cousin’s skin really does look a lot better, even from a professional point of view. The crusting has disappeared, and her skin is soft and smooth. Most of the red bumps are actually scars from old breakouts.

I’ve been so happy to witness my cousin’s joy at her improved skin. Great changes are taking place in her life, and I am certain that, with time, the last of those bumps will disappear, as well. I might get back to you, when that happens.

A round of applause and thanks to my lovely cousin for letting me borrow her face! Next up is a study on treating atopic skin, for which I will be needing a Ginny pig – so stay tuned!

The Beauty Guide for Rosacea can be found here


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