NYE Makeup Look: Aqua Eyes

Beauty | 28.12.2014 | Katja Kokko


Despite my intention to stay bundled up in my blanket for one more day, I actually managed to write up this post for a makeup look.

When I visited Liinun Organic beauty salon to have that heavenly facial, I couldn’t help be amazed by the brilliant pigments of the RMS Beauty’s cream shadows that were on display. I was especially enchanted by the bright turquoise shade called Inspire, and thought it would work well as a base for Zuii’s pressed powder shadows, to help them stick and give them more intensity.


Just before Christmas I got a package in the mail from Kristiina from Liinun Organics, containing that very same turquoise shadow. There was nothing for it – I had to follow my inspiration and create a makeup look using those colors.

This is another very “me” look. Who says eye shadow needs to go under the eye as well? I prefer a toned down look, especially with bright colors, and usually keep my shadow on the upper lid only. But there’s nothing to say you can’t apply yours on the bottom one, too!


I was right in thinking RMS’s cream shadow would work well with Mermaid, my favorite turquoise from Zuii. Mermaid is a mix of blue, turquoise and petrol, reflecting gold in a certain light. It is a lovely color, but sometimes I find myself wanting something a bit more fresh and clean – and Inspire by RMS was just the thing for it.

I started by priming the lid as usual with Suki’s concealer in Buttercream, and a light layer of loose powder. I then applied the cream shadow over the entire lid and up to the crease, using an eye shadow brush to pat Zuii’s powder shadow on top. Adding more product until I felt the cream underneath was saturated and dry, I then blended the color up and into the crease, and finally used a bit of golden white Vanilla Frost from Zuii to brighten up the inner corners of the eye. As you can probably tell, I finished by slathering my lashes with the Kjaer Weis mascara.


To give my cheeks a healthy glow, I used Zuii’s light reflecting powder blush in Diamond Sparkle, which was about all I felt the look needed. If you want to spice it up, you could use a lipstick – I’m wearing Zuii’s sheer stick in Dahlia, but a dark plum red would work nicely, as well.

Next, I want create a really dark and intense look by combining the turquoise from RMS with Kjaer Weis’s Green Depth.


Products used

Base: Kjaer Weis Foundation Just Sheer, Suki Correct Coverage Buttercream, Zuii Diamond Sparkle Blush PeachJuice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder

Eyes: RMS Beauty Eye Polish Inspire, Zuii luomiväri Mermaid + Vanilla Frost, Kjaer Weis Mascara

Brows: Zuii brow pencil in Taupe

Lips: Zuii Sheer Stick in Dahlia

How’s that for a New Year’s look? Or would you prefer a stronger eye makeup for NYE?


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Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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