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Referring back to my recent post on wrinkles, I can already to tell you that next year’s posts will be following a rejuvenating and anti-age theme where my own skin is concerned.

But never fear, I’ll be writing about other topics as well. I’ve planned some great articles for you, and there should be something for everyone – from DIY to penny pinching to dry and oily skin alike. Some of you have also been asking about the follow-up post to the rosacea study with my cousin, and I promise there’ll be one just as soon as she and I can find the time to photograph her skin.

But now: wrinkles and how to smooth them.

Most of my wrinkles are on my forehead, under my eyes, around the nose and mouth, on my décolletage; they’re also apparent in the structure of the skin. The first expression wrinkles – like laugh lines – appear in these areas when we’re in our twenties, however, mine have become a lot more pronounced in the past few years. This past fall I have begun to notice changes in the structure of the skin, as well as deepening of the lines – both of which are related to ageing.

Every morning and every night for the past three weeks, I have been giving my wrinkles some intensive care using Frankincense Intense* by Neal’s Yard Remedies*. The cream was an instant bestseller when it was launched a little over a year ago, and the Intense line was recently expanded with the launch of the Frankincense Intense Concentrate. The concentrate has not been made available in Finland, but I doubt it will take long – it was a born success.


I was sold on the Intense cream before I’d even tried it. The testing, which was conducted in collaboration with the World Medical Association, took sixty days and looking at these images, I have to say the results are indisputable. You might of course argue that, despite Neal’s Yard Remedies’ assurances, the photos are doctored, but my personal regard for the company is high enough to take them at their word.

This Intense cream is made up of a combination of three peptides (for a refresher on peptides, go here), gardenia stem cells, frankincense oil, argan oil, and slew of other vegetable oils and extracts, including myrrh, baobab, grape seed, macadamia, and turmeric.

Peptides support collagen production in the skin, resulting in a more even and firm complexion. Peptides affect the structure of the skin, as well as fine lines on the surface of the skin, which are only visible in a certain light. The gardenia stem cells help to strengthen the skin and prevent collagen degradation. Frankincense is known for its brightening and smoothing qualities, while argan oil is rich in fatty acids as well as antioxidants to keep the skin smooth and soft, and protect it from free radicals, which are the primary cause of ageing. Turmeric extract, myrrh, baobab oil, grape seed oil and macadamia nut oil nourish the skin and improve skin tone.

The hard work that has been put into the technology of the Intense cream is self-evident when compared to other Neal’s Yard products. Despite its rich consistency, the cream is easily absorbed and light on the skin. The balance of rich and light is just perfect, in fact, leaving the skin feeling smooth. The cream can also be worn under makeup.

Although the Concentrate has not been tested as thoroughly as its predecessor, a group of 152 test-users are quite satisfied with it. The ingredients are more or less the same as in the cream, only condensed, with wrinkle-smoothing hyaluronic acid (which sort of “plumps up” the wrinkles, making the skin more even) added. The consistency of the concentrate is silky and gel-like.

Three weeks in, and I’ve noticed a slight change in the lines under my eyes. That’s about as much you can expect after such a short time, but something is definitely happening. I do have separate eye products, of course, but even the serums and creams end up in that vicinity. Once or twice a week I will do a fruit acid peel, and my skin tends to be exceptionally radiant the morning after. I’m eager to continue this experiment, and observe the changes to the structure of my skin – if any occur, that is.

This is the perfect duo for maintaining or improving fresh looking skin. The results you get will of course depend on where you started out; either way, our skin needs constant care throughout our lives, and the products we use should be updated with the seasons and according to the needs of our skin.

Wrinkles be gone!


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Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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