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Beauty | 1.10.2014 | Katja Kokko


breath of Manhattan air blew in through the door of my penthouse flat in Punavuori the other week, and it came to stay. John Masters Organics is the undisputed pioneer when it comes to natural haircare, and his products have found a permanent home in my bathroom cabinet. To read about my experiences with his haircare products, go here.

Manufacturing good styling products while still observing the requirements imposed on natural cosmetics is infamously difficult, and indeed I have no positive experiences with natural styling products to speak of. The Finnish importer for John Masters gave me two items to test – a salt spray and a hair wax – and to ensure my conviction of their effectiveness, I took my time trying them out.


Apart from synthetic dry shampoo, I barely use any styling products at all. The texture and coarseness provided by dry shampoo is fairly addictive, and the effect is very difficult to recreate using natural ingredients. I have a metric ton of hair (“too much,” according to my hairdresser), and it can only be tamed with high-quality products.

My previous experiences being rather abysmal, I had no high hopes for Masters’ products either. The thing is, since I first used them, my bottle of dry shampoo has sat untouched in the cupboard – and I don’t see myself needing it ever again. THANK HEAVENS.


The Sea Mist contains water, sea salt, and lavender oil. That’s it. Figuring out the right ratio must be rocket science, as I could get the products themselves at my local grocery store.

I use the Sea Mist on damp hair, after applying my Green Tea and Calendula conditioning spray, and then blow dry my hair. This already makes the texture of my hair almost perfect. I then rub a tiny bit of Bourbon Vanilla & Tangerine Hair Texturizer into my hands and scrunch the product into my hair. If I want to style my hair, this is where I do it. Finally, I give it another spray of the Sea Mist, let it dry, and brush it through. This is a perfect routine for my current hairstyle, which is very casual, even beachy. With a combo like this, who needs dry shampoo?


The scent of the Hair Texturizer is so delicious, it makes me want to eat it straight out of the jar. Considering the ingredients, you almost could – though the resin oil might give you a bit of indigestion. The product contains resin oil (an excellent ingredient in makeup products as well), glycerin, shea butter, sorbitol, panthenol, vanilla oil, orange flower oil, tangerine peel oil, grapefruit peel, rosemary extract, and sunflower seed oil.

It would be interesting to see if anything close to the quality of this wax could be made at home, using the same ingredients. As it looks like a small pot of the stuff will last me until the following Christmas, there’s no rush on that account.

Have you tried these products out for yourself? What did you think? Please share your best tips with us!


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Products provided for testing by the Finnish importer of John Masters Organics, EcoBeautyWellness

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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