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Beauty | 2.9.2014 | Katja Kokko


Remember this picture from a few weeks ago, and the hints about favorite lipsticks? I’m sure no one is surprised that this one, too, is American. (I’m starting to think all these American products is the Universe telling me to go to the States instead of Asia!)

We are talking about a natural cosmetics makeup brand called Ilia. The brand is known for its beautiful lipsticks, available in two different formulas (traditional lipsticks, as well as lip crayons) and a range of colors, as well as tinted lip conditioners and lip glosses. The range includes also highlighters/illuminators, cream blushes/multisticks, a loose powder and a mascara. There was also teaser for a tube of what looked like foundation on the brand’s website a little while ago. I’m curious to see what’s coming next.



Out of Ilia’s products, I have tried the lipstick, lip crayon, loose powder, and the mascara. Never mind the mascara. I promise to tell you when I find a brand that can compete with Kjaer Weis on that account. I have the lipstick in the color Wild Child, and the crayon in Karma Chameleon (what a fabulous name!).

While Ilia’s lipsticks are less pigmented than Zuii’s, the formula is creamier and more moisturizing. The formula also wears away a lot more nicely, without clumping at the seam of the lips. I do however love the high pigment of Zuii’s lipsticks – a bright red lipstick should be bright red with only one coat. As each product has its advantages, I think I’ll be keeping both in my makeup bag.


The lip crayon was an instant favorite. What a brilliant idea! The crayons are highly pigmented, giving a deep and intensive finish, as you can see. They are also long-lasting, feel moisturizing on the lips, and best of all – no clumping. I’m crazy about the crayon shape, which makes it super easy to use. Like most lip liners, the crayon is twistable, and there is no need for sharpeners. I love this product! I think I might get Come Undone and 99 Red Balloons (oh, these names!) next.


As much as I love the formula of Coleur Caramel’s Silk Powder, the packaging leaves much to be desired. It’s ecological – sure. So I got Ilia’s loose powder, with a refillable component and brush at the other end. The powder is dispensed straight from the brush itself, which is impossible to pack with too much product (note to all you butterfingers!). What I love about this products is that, like the crayon, this powder is very easy to use, and that it is based on mica and silica, and supplemented with a bunch of vegetable extracts and oils. The finish is, to quote RMS Beauty, un powder.

The only downside to the brush is that you can’t clean it with water without flooding the barrel. I would therefore recommend swirling the brush in a bit of brush cleaner, or even toner, after every use.

The next order of business is testing the multisticks – I can see myself using the delicious, tangerine toned I Put A Spell On You to emphasize what little tan I have left.

Have you tried Ilia’s lovely lip products yet? What do you think of them?

Ilia’s products are currently available at Content Beauty, Naturisimo and Net-A-Porter. Let’s hope they’ll make their way to Finland, too.

DSC_0125 Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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