Christmas Gift Guide 1/6: Delicious Soaps

Beauty | 10.12.2014 | Katja Kokko

This is a sponsored collaboration with the Natural Goods Company

Haven’t gotten started on your Christmas shopping yet? Never fear – for the next six days I will be acting the part of Santa’s little helper and your official Christmas gift guide.

You can easily spend an arm and leg buying gifts for all your favorite friends and co-workers. That is why this second sponsored collaboration is geared towards offering you inspiration for fun and affordable mini presents, and from now until next Monday, the blog will be acting as a Christmas present guide.

Today’s Christmas shopping collab is with Natural Goods Company, best known as the importer of Madara. The company’s recently opened web store offers a variety of interesting high-end brands with affordable prices, from which I will be choosing my favorites to include in our guide. Shipping takes 2-5 days and is free of charge.

A note of warning: my theme for the photo shoot was more is more, and the following images therefore contain excess amounts of kitsch, and prop and color galore.


The charming little soap brand Milo Mill came to be when Madara’s creators fell in love with the colorful paintings of a young artist called Christina Luisa Avotina. This love gave birth to a collection of soaps made from natural ingredients, with the classic soap bar reshaped into something a bit more sophisticated.

These soaps are so beautiful I’m not sure how one can actually bear to use them, as lovely as the actual product may be. I think they’ll be a hit this Christmas, though. Don’t you?


There are ten different scents to choose from, although they’re all so wonderful I’m not sure you actually can choose!

If I had to go by sight alone, I would choose the fruit nectar, lotus flower, and white rose scented Black Orchid.


If I had to choose by name, it would definitely April in Paris, with hints of tulip, anemone, violet, hyacinth, jasmine and dandelion honey.


Vanilla and praline round out the fragrance of Magnolia & White Pear. I think this might be my favorite combination of scents.


But just when I thought I’d found the one, I stumbled upon the Cucumber & Lime bar, with traces of ginger. This whiff of summer is more than welcome in the December gloom.


Then again, the wintry sounding Cherry Chocolate does a good job of brightening up the month, too. Might this sweet cherry, raspberry nectar, and silky vanilla scented soap be this year’s winner?


I doubt there is a soul out there that is ignorant as to my passion for citrus scents, and indeed, the aptly named Oranges & Lemons, with hints blood orange, lemon, carrot, tangerine, and black currant, almost makes me salivate.


Oh but, there’s Strawberry & Basil which brings to mind a summer dessert; the cinnamon spiced Sea Buckthorn & Brown Sugar; Watermelon & Mint which smells like a paradise island; and the sweet Blueberry & Wine with quince and butterfly orchid scents. These opulent and heady fragrances are enough to make your head spin, and instead of choosing just one, you’ll likely be grabbing the whole set. One for each friend!

Did any of these packages tempt you more than the other, or were you seduced by a particular medley of scents?

The Natural Goods Company web store offers free shipping within 2-5 days (Finland only).



Music boxes Espan Enkelit

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula


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