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Beauty | 9.2.2015 | Katja Kokko


I’ve finally updated all the Beauty Guides I have compiled so far. Make sure to check out the new products – the lists have changed quite a bit as I’ve gained more understanding.

Currently, there are Beauty Guides for acne and hormonal skin, atopy, rosacea, as well as for my own personal favorites. I’ll be compiling guides for pigmentation disorders, ageing skin, and all the different skin types in the coming days.

If you require personal guidance in working out a skincare routine, I highly recommend purchasing the Personal Beauty Guide service, in which the particular needs of your skin are taken into consideration. Emmi-Liia from Trokkuja & Nokkosia happened to contact me for skin care advice when I was putting the finishing touches to the service. I offered to write her a guide in exchange for a collaboration. You can read about Emmi-Liia’s thoughts on the customized skincare plan here.

In case you missed my exhortations on social media – please click on the icon at the bottom of the front page to subscribe to my newsletter. The newsletter will begin appearing approximately twice a month; I just want a couple more subscribers before we get started. Each letter will contain a small summary of current themes on the blog and elsewhere, as well as great perks that are only available through the newsletter, and which are related to more than just cosmetics.

Have a lovely week, my beauties! Coming up: Amazonian beauty!

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