Beautiful Things

Katja Kokko | 17.11.2014


There are a few beautiful bright spots in this thick November greyness.

Firstly, a makeup brand with such beautiful packaging, it makes me want to dust off my water colors and get creative. Or, alternatively, to use my own face as a canvas.


Secondly, withered flowers. Rather than throwing out your wilted bouquets, let them dry out instead. They often end up being more interesting than the fresh bunch you brought home a week before. It seems fitting, too, what with November and all.

Thirdly, painting your face using your fingers is always fun, because there’s no way you can go wrong. My favorite combination is a cream cotton candy blush with a bit of sun-baked peach on top, and some creamy artificial light to round it all off.


Emerald green lids – the prettiest color for this time of the year – a mascara worth its hype to volumize the lashes, and a touch of coral on the lips.


Right now I just want to bring home branches rather than bouquets. They’ll make a nice, needle-free Christmas tree, I think.

What beautiful discoveries have you made this November?




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