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Once upon a time, I was the world’s most organized traveler. I had everything sorted out way ahead of time, bought sets of travel-sized cosmetics, and all kinds of emergency trinkets that might come in handy while out in the word; I double-checked the flights, the tickets, and the schedules. This organization has since turned into a certain vagueness – though I’m not quite as impulsive as a blogger colleague of mine, whose travel posts I find very amusing.

My life is very stress-free and relaxed at the moment, so I should be fairly well organized for tomorrow’s trip to London – at least where cosmetics are concerned.

There is a variety of travel-sized cosmetics available on the market these days, and sometimes end up bringing one or two along with me. Still, I live in such an overflowing sea of cosmetics that I simply went to Stockmann and bought a pack of Duroy’s empty travel bottles. And, as I’m only bringing hand-baggage – on the outbound trip, anyway – I also grabbed a new (and whole) see-through bag for the products.


I’m taking Carrot Butter*,The Organic Pharmacy’s cult cleansing balm, as my cleanser, as well as a muslin cloth; apart from being a great product, the cloth doesn’t count as a liquid, leaving more space for other cosmetics. In my cupboard, I found a travel sized bottle of the Hydrating Mist*, given to me by Juice Beauty, thus sorting out the toner. The Hydrating Mist is unfortunately not available in Finland, but Frankincense Facial Mist by Neal’s Yard Remedies* is a good alternative.

I’ve almost run out of Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular eye cream, so I’ll be taking the dregs with me; the packaging is perfect for fitting into small spaces. As for serum, I’m only bringing a sample sachet from my endless stash of them, and since I’ve yet to try its renewed formula on my own face, I’ll be taking Mia Höytö’s travel-sized Unelma* as a moisturizer. This is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Ihana*, a lighter moisturizer fro Mia Höytö, is also available in a travel-sized package.

I would never even dream of traveling without an oil. Lucky for me, the small roll-on packaging of Tata Harper’s Replenishing Nutrient Complex is very user-friendly from a travelers point-of-view; transferring oils from one bottle to another usually results in a bag-ruining oil spill, which I would like to avoid at all costs. So thank you, Tata, for yet another brilliant invention.

My cosmetics repertory for the trip is now sorted, tickets have been printed out, the cat-sitter has been introduced to the task, and I have the remaining to-do list all but memorized. But no matter how well I plan or organize things, I still get bouts of nervousness. It’s not a case of fear of flying, but rather something that I would gladly share with you if I could – but it’s best not to get ahead of ourselves.


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