Shhh…The Heart Is Speaking!

Beauty | 23.9.2014 | Katja Kokko


The time has come for the mega-giveaway I hinted about on Instagram last night, so perk up those ears – I mean hearts!

I was left with a sizable mound of goodies after photographing products for Ellie, and I would be more than happy to pass them on to some of you and your home spas. The products were first tested and then photographed by me. Some of them have not been opened, and some have been used once or twice so I could write about them. All of them were received last week, so even the ones that have been opened are fresh, and good to use.


I’m giving away two packages, the first of which contains products from Madara and an oil from Flow Kosmetiikka, with the second one containing products from Cattier and an oil from Flow Kosmetiikka.

The Madara package contains goodies like a purifying foam, a comforting toner, a nourishing and caring shampoo-and-conditioner set, and a cold pressed argan oil from Flow Kosmetiikka.

From Cattier we have a micellar water, a spray toner for sensitive skin, a toning cream, a mint peel, a clay mask for sensitive skin, a bamboo extract shampoo, a pomengranate conditioner, and a cold pressed rose hip oil from Flow Kosmetiikka.


Cattier’s mint peel is a somewhat nostalgic product for me, as it is one of the first natural cosmetic peels I ever tried. My first tube was an impulse by from Paris, and after finishing it, I started hauling the stuff home from every trip (it was unavailable in Finland at the time). The peel has a clay base and is very gentle, making it suitable even for sensitive and dry skin. It’s not quite effective enough for me, but the minty scent and the cooling sensation make the product irresistible.


To take part in the giveaway, simply write a beautiful note to whomever you wish. It can be addressed to me, to you friend, your neighbor, a person whom feel hatred or envy towards, or someone you love – anyone at all. The important thing is to say something beautiful, something you feel from the bottom of your heart, and want to share with the world. Once you’ve typed it out, try to keep those words in your heart for the rest of the day.

You have until Sunday September 28th, after which I will pick the winners and send off the packages.

I will begin the exercise with five words that express what is most relevant to me: I wish to love well.

Let your heart speak!


Let your heart speak!

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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