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Beauty | 22.8.2014 | Katja Kokko


Say hello to my morning face! I Here’s a few selfies to give you an idea of how excited I am; last week Naturelle sent me Juice Beauty’s CC-Cream for testing, and it has blown me away.


When I first opened the tube I was disappointed, to be honest. I had expected the darker of the two available tones to be a warm yellow. When I applied it to the back of my hand, however, it looked pale, and I was doubtful as to its coverage and the final look of it in general. I doubted I could pull off the lighter tone even in the middle of winter.

Feeling very skeptical, I threw the tubes into the back of the bathroom cabinet and spent a week pondering the strange pigment and oddly thin formula of the product. I should point out I had yet to actually try it on my face.


Last night I watched a YouTube video singing the product’s praises and demonstrating the beautiful glow it left on the skin. I dug out the tube and left it on the edge of the sink to wait. I would give the thing a chance to prove its worth in the morning.

And this is what it looks like. What do you think?


A pretty amazing glow, right? I can cast aside my doubts about its lightness: when I applied it to my skin it matched my tan perfectly. The coverage is perfect, just right for my currently freckled visage – it smoothes out the bumps, but is sheer enough for my freckles to stand out, and gives a lovely sheen to the skin. (The lightness at my temples is a tan line, not from the CC-cream.)


What other properties does the cream have, you may ask.

The “CC” in CC-cream stands of course for “color corrector,” and the cream itself is thinner than a BB-cream (blemish balm, beauty balm). It functions also as a sun block (this particular cream has an SPF of 30), repairs damaged skin, evens the tone and surface of the skin (thanks to its light reflecting qualities), as well as providing moisture and nourishment.

All of Juice Beauty’s products are based on grape and apple juices, which contain naturally occurring fruit acids. Since the acids in these juices are very mild, they are indeed a perfect base for moisturizers, foundations and other leave-on skin products. All of Juice Beauty’s products are enriched with antioxidants and cold pressed oils; the products in the Stem Cellular range also contain hyualuric acid and fruit stem cells. Stem cells are a current trend in cosmetic ingredients and are thought to firm the skin and smooth out any wrinkles.


The CC-cream was easily applied using my fingers, and I had no problems with it sitting on top of my skin (a common problem with makeup bases). I really liked the rounded mouth of the tube, allowing me to apply thin lines of the product on the skin, which I then worked in using my fingers. The tube holds a whopping 50 ml (1.7oz) of product, so it should last you until next spring, at least.

If you’re worried about whether the tone will match your skin, don’t be. I’m convinced it will blend in even after your tan has faded. If you’re very pale, I would recommend choosing Natural Glow, and Warm Glow if you’re tanned or somewhere in between.

Juice Beauty’s products are 20% off at Naturelle this weekend, and 15% off until the end of November when you use the code KATJA15 at check out. The code can be applied to all of Naturelle’s products. Check out my favorites here.

And lastly, a bit of a sneak-peek of my newest lipstick fave, the color of which is absolutely ravishing! Stay tuned for the name of the brand and color!

DSC_0199Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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