Presents from London, Part 3

Beauty | 19.3.2015 | Katja Kokko


Several times now, I’ve been on the verge of ordering the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, and other lovely makeup goodies by the American brand Vapour, while browsing Content Beauty’s online store. When my trip to London was confirmed, I decided I would hold my horses for a while longer, and wait until I could fiddle with the colors on the spot.

Together with Kjaer Weis*, RMS Beauty*, and Ilia, Vapour is one of the world’s hottest, high-quality natural makeup brands. I tried their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation a few years ago and loved it; the Luminous Foundation has received even more hype and won several awards for best foundation, with many celebrities citing the product as their favorite makeup base.


Color 123 was most suitable for my own skin tone, and I loved the product from the first try. The consistency falls right between Kjaer Weis’* and RMS Beauty’s* foundations: not too dry or thick, but not too oily either, and with a somewhat lighter coverage. And it really is luminous, with mica-minerals leaving a curious, almost undetectable glow on the skin.

The packaging is a major bonus, as well! I love that I don’t have to stick my fingers or a brush in the bottle, but can just apply the foundation straight from the stick and onto my face, and use my fingers to smooth it out. It’s also stylish and elegant, besides.


Vapour has heaps of other lust-worthy products. The next order of business is seeing how the Mesmerize Eye Colour works as an eye shadow primer (perfectly, if my experiments with RMS’ Eye Polishes* are anything to go by). The Illusionist Concealer has also piqued my interest, likewise the Mesmerize Eyeliner. Ok – I’d gladly test every product they have!

Vapour is currently unavailable in Finland, but I have a feeling that won’t be the case for long. Any takers? Until then, you can order Vapour’s products from Content Beauty and Naturisimo.


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Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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