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Beauty | 8.5.2015 | Katja Kokko

A while ago I brought back a gorgeous, lotus flower scented toner from London. I was certain that one of the loveliest facial sprays in the universe would charm you completely, and since I myself am so thrilled about Amala I simply have to spread the word.

While looking into the background of this line I actually burst into tears because I was so moved: Amala is about genuine beauty, all the way down to the last detail.

I was fooled to think this is an American line because of their strong retailer network in Barney’s stores, but this is in fact a German line and the products are made in Germany.

I was given the honour to choose three products from the line. As you can imagine, the ingredients lists were put under pedantic examination as I tried to pick out products from this lovely bunch – all in all it took me about three nights to decide! I loved the lotus flower toner so much that I wanted another bottle for myself, but in the name of professionalism I had to try out something new. In the end I chose the Rejuvenating Cocoa Bean Toner. 

As for the serums, I wanted to try out something very exceptional and efficient, so I ended up choosing the Brightening Corrective Concentrate. This serum is meant to treat hyperpigmentation and it’s one of the most expensive products in the range.

I also wanted to try out a moisturizing mask, which is the least familiar type of facial masks for me. My skin has suffered from blemishes and dryness this spring, so I chose the creamy Hydrating Yoghurt Mask.

I’ve been using the products for two weeks now. I’m able to give a more in-depth review about the toner and the mask, but the serum calls for eight weeks for visible results.

No matter how much I longed for the lotus flower toner, the cocoa beans did not disappoint. When it comes to Amala, a toner is not just a toner. A more accurate term would be a liquid skincare concentrate. For me, toners are one of the most important products and I’m willing to invest in them. This rejuvenating toner contains 99 % organically grown ingredients – everything else is organic except the water.

The key ingredient in this toner is cocoa bean extract, which stimulates microcirculation and keeps the surface of the skin elastic, while an immense amount of antioxidants protects the skin from free radicals. Hibiscus flower extract provides deep moisture, strengthens the skin and reduces fine lines. Liquorice root extract is anti-inflammatory and brightens the skin tone. The toner also contains pore-minimizing, gently exfoliating willow extract as well as ribwort plantain extract, aloe vera, orange flower water, damascus rose water and vanilla. The scent is good enough to want to eat – a lovely mixture of coca beans and vanilla. Spraying this toner on almost helps with your sweet cravings, or at least there is something very comforting about it. The toner is very moisturizing and leaves your skin beautifully soft.

I had to wait a bit for my blemishes to heal before trying out the mask, to see if it could help with my tight and dry skin. The consistency is irresistible: jasmine scented, velvety and creamy. I massage a generous amount of the mask on my skin, throat and even under the eyes and let it sit there for well over 30 minutes. The mask has given me the results I was hoping for: it has made my skin soft and elastic and helped to heal the flaking and dry blemish scars. The mask does not leave your skin feeling clogged, but instead of rinsing it out I do recommend removing the mask with a muslin cloth or a facial sponge soaked in warm water.

The key ingredients in the mask are jasmine flower extract and jasmine flower water, which moisturize the skin and protect it from free radicals. Macadamia oil softens the skin and strengthens the skin’s immunity. Rose hip oil rejuvenates (fades blemish scars) and protects the skin. Hydrolyzed milk protein moisturizes and improves skin elasticity, and I suppose that’s where the Yoghurt Mask got its name from. These are the ingredients Amala points out on their website, but the mask includes a lot more worth mentioning, such as rejuvenating papaya extract, purifying willow extract, brightening ribwort plantain and essential oils from orange, lemon, cloves, sandalwood and rosewood. Of skin nourishing oils I must mention avocado oil, almond oil, shea butter and olive oil.

I can’t yet review the effects of the brightening serum, but at least the consistency is wonderful and the moisturizing effect is excellent. My skin’s hyperpigmentation – meaning my freckles – do not bother me at all, but there is a cluster of spots on my other cheekbone that is not quite a liver spot but bigger than a freckle. I will be examining the serum’s effect on that spot, but I believe the effect would be stronger on liver spots.

The most important ingredients in this serum are narcissus extracts, which balance out melanin synthesis and reduce fine lines. Willow extract exfoliates the skin in a keratolytic way, purifies and brightens the skin. Ascophyllum (rockweed) extract blocks melanin production and contains protecting polyphenols. It also boosts cell turnover, which brightens dull and uneven skin tone. The combination of seven Alpine plants (mallow, peppermint, cowslip, lady’s mantle, heath speedwell, yarrow and melissa) evens out skin tone and lightens hyperpigmentation.

Ingredients also worth mentioning: daisy, common yarrow, red currant, summer lilac, thyme, curry plant, hyaluronic acid and zinc – ingredients that lighten and brighten the skin, block free radicals and trap moisture in. This is a strong concentrate to treat liver spots and there are no useless filler ingredients in the product. Considering the content, the price does not seem atrocious – especially since Amala has agreed to pay a higher price for their ingredients in order to ensure high quality.

There is that certain something, a certain magic in Amala – similar to Neal’s Yard Remedies, Tata Harper and May Lindstrom. Dedication with a whole heart, expertise and strong vision. The company doesn’t manufacture their own products but their manufacturer Primavera is one of the passionate, ground-breaking pioneers of natural cosmetics that doesn’t lack expertise or ethical and ecological values. Amala couldn’t have chosen a better manufacturer for their products.

Have you already familiarized yourself with Amala and tried out the products?

Products courtesy of manufacturer
Pictures Katja Kokko
Translation Eeva Kolu

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