All That I Am My Mother Made Me

Beauty | 5.8.2014 | Katja Kokko


My mom’s a genius (mothers usually are). I spent a whole two weeks at my parents’ in Central Finland around midsummer (the longest stretch of motherly pampering I’ve received since middle school). Besides getting hooked on going to sauna every day, and to a little thing we call saunakalja – a “sauna beer” (yes, I!) – I was also introduced by my mother to the perfect beauty treatment.


My love story with Absolution’s body lotion should be known to at least some of you. There are many lovely memories connected to that intoxicating scent, but the solidness of the product itself has made it a staple in my bathroom cupboard, alongside with Patyka’s cleansing trio.

What I want from a body lotion, besides beautiful packaging, is a light consistency that will allow for quick absorption, while leaving the skin silky smooth and moisturized. As my work keeps me sedentary for several hours a day, and my riding hobby puts a strain on the tush, the skin of my butt feels rough unless properly moisturized. Absolution’s magical cream leaves not only my bottom, but my whole body feeling soft and smooth. Most importantly, applying the lotion to one’s skin is aromatherapeutic and relaxing. Rosemary and orange essential oils mix in perfect harmony to stimulate the nervous system and the mind, as well as helping to open the senses for spiritual renewal.


But now, for the actual beauty ritual. My mother had the brilliant idea of, with the help of the lotion’s ingenious packaging mechanism, adding a few drops of Patyka’s Precious Woods body oil to the lotion itself – and oh my, what an perfect treat for the senses it was! The combination of these two aromatic fragrances is frankly too amazing for words.

The fragrance of the Precious Woods oil is earthy and grounding, creating a perfect harmony with rosemary and orange. The scent of the oil is sensually charged, and therefore perfect for – well, stimulating the libido, but also for strengthening one’s feminine appeal. Who would say no to that?



Sesame seed oil and sunflower oil make up the base for Precious Woods, ensuring its relative lightness. Olive oil and wheat germ oil work to make the skin soft and smooth. Start by pumping Absolution’s lotion onto the attached measuring cup, then add two to three pumps of the Patyka oil. Mix the two together in the cup and apply to the skin. The oil enriches the lotion just enough to allow the concoction to absorb easily, without any traces of oiliness, making it perfect for awakening the senses after your morning shower.

I think I’ll inquire about my mother’s beauty tricks more often, from now on.

DSC_0039 Photos by Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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