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Those damn continental Europeans have hoarded all the heat! It’s time to do whatever it takes to lure the heatwave back here in the North.

My methods to lure back the heatwave include a full summer look from head to toe. It’s too cold to wear sleeveles tops and shorts, so my summer look consists of either a) a sleeveless top with my favorite pair of summer jeans or b) a t-shirt, my mom’s old James denim jacket and a pair of shorts. Both of these ensembles keep me warm enough, yet maintain a summery feeling.


Naturally, my summer look includes makeup as well! I spent the entire winter dreaming of hot days and hassle free beach looks created with creamy products. Even though it’s way too cold for the beach at the moment, an effortless makeup look is never a bad idea. The most important things about summer makeup are a) a very glowy foundation, one that even looks a little bit “perspiring” – meaning the look you get in sweltering heat without makeup b) tan-accentuating, translucent shades on lids and cheeks.

My summer look is created with the wonderful, creamy products by RMS Beauty. For eye makeup, I chose two shades you can’t go wrong with: bronze coloured Eye Polish in Solar and tourquoise Inspire. Both shades accentuate tanned skin beautifully and make the eyes glint.


With the exception of eyeshadow, I used the exact same products for both looks. Simply by changing up one product you get two different variations – a great way to keep boredom at bay.

This is how I created the bronze look:

First I used the best highlighter in the world, Living Luminizer, on the entire face. It gives just the right amount of glow without overdoing it. After this I used UnCover Foundation in shade 33 on the entire face (including eyelids). I used a thick foundation brush. For covering up under eyes, I used the lighter shade 22.

After foundation, I used Living Luminizer again: I dabbed it on the browbone, right above the cheekbone, right above the eyebrow and very lightly on the glabella, on the bridge of the nose, above the Cupid’s bow and right under the lower lip.

After highlighting, it was time for bronzer. I used Buriti Bronzer to contour: starting from the hollow of the cheek, I blended upwards, but not reaching the cheekbone. The bronzer should stay above the corners of your mouth. On the forehead, I also added bronzer near the hairline to give a warmer glow to my face, but very lightly. Keep it natural!


For cheeks, I chose Lip2Cheek in a delicious orange shade Curious. I’ve been lusting after this blush for a long time, but didn’t have the chance to try it out until now. The color proved to be perfect, and very versatile. I dabbed the blush generously on the cheekbones, above the bronzer.

After this I added a very light layer of loose powder on the face, but added a heavier layer on the eyelids. After powder, I added another layer of blush.

For eyebrows, I used Eye Polish in shade Karma, which is a matte dark brown. I used a slanted eyeshadow brush to apply the color, and brushed away excess color with a mascara brush.

After this I used a generous layer of Eye Polish Solar on the upper and lower lids. I used my finger for applying, but used an eyeshadow brush for blending and adding finishing touches on the inner corner of the eye. After this I used a brush to dab a little bit of dark brown Karma on the lower lash line. I also softly traced the upper lash line with the same shade.


After adding eyeshadow, I curled the eyelashes and added a few layers of Defining Mascara, which is definitely the better one of the two RMS Beauty Mascaras.

To finish the look, I dabbed a generous layer of Lip2Cheek in Curious, which I also used for the cheeks. This worked wonderfully. You could also use any type of bright red or coral for this look, for example Smile or Beloved.

I really love a light and effortless makeup look like this, with a summery feeling and a warm glow. Creamy eyeshadows do crease during the course of the day, but I don’t mind – when it comes to make up, I’m currently more interested in “genuine carelessness” than flawlessness.


For the tourquoise look, I used the exact same products with the addition of Eye Polish Inspire. The look was created just like the bronze look, with a few exceptions: for eyeshadow, I used Eye Polish in shades Solar and Inspire. In this look, Karma is only used on the eyebrows.

I started by dabbing Solar on the eyelid using a finger, and then blending upwards with a brush. After this I dabbed a layer of Inspire on the entire upper lid and along the lower lash line. I used a brush to even out the color, especially in the corners of the eyes and on the lower lashline. To finish off, I dipped a brush in bronze-colored Solar and used it to go through the blending points once more, also on the lower eyelid.


In the picture below, you can see the lovely combination of bronze and tourquoise: the bronze brings a wonderful contrast to the aqua blue tourquoise. Inspire really reminds me of tourquoise sea water!


For the lips, I used the same shade I used for the bronze look, Curious. However, for this look I only dabbed a trace of color on my lips to get a gentler shade.


Creasing or no creasing, when looking at these pictures, I prefer the tourquoise look. It really brings out the eyes, and there is a lovely hot summer day and glimmering sea kind of feeling to it!

You could also dab some powdery eye shadow on top of Eye Polish, which will give you a very intense, long lasting look. When using Eye Polish on their own, you can easily adapt the intensity (and longevity) of the color: the less you use, the better it stays on, but the color is less intense. If you use a thick layer, you will need to even it out with your fingers during the course of the day.


What do you think – which look do you prefer? Have you used RMS Bauty Eye Polish eyeshadows? Tell me your best tips! Also, what are the key elements of your summer look? Are you adventurous enough to try brighter colors during the summer?


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