A Refreshing Cleanser Tip – For Men

Beauty | 16.2.2015 | Katja Kokko


After being told by a test subject that he washed his face with an industrial strength cleanser by an unnamed synthetic brand a few weeks ago, I went to PÜR and got him the Eucalyptus & Agave 2in1 cleanser/shaving cream by John Masters Organics. It’s no wonder he was suffering from redness and dryness, despite being hooked on Absolution’s micellar water and the Day Cycle cream from 66°30.

John Masters’ cleanser is a light foam that can also be used as a shaving cream (my test subject doesn’t shave, so I have no ‘personal’ experience). The foam contains cleansing, refreshing and disinfecting eucalyptus oil; willow bark extract with gently peeling salicylic acid which also helps to fight folliculitis; skin-renewing prickly pear, firming gotu cola; as well as white tea and algae – both of which are full of renewing and brightening antioxidants.

My Ginny pig’s comments after the test drive were as follows: compared to the heavy cleansers he’d tried before, he reported that the foam was wonderfully light and refreshing, while also having excellent washing power. His skin felt clean and refreshed, afterwards. Plus points were given for the natural scent.

Well ladies, what should we smuggle in next? A serum? Or perhaps an eye cream? Don’t forget to let us know about your hubbies’ favorite cleansers and shaving creams!

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Translation Katja Nikula

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