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The year ended with bubbles and red lips. Here we will be taking a look at the best make up of 2016 with which you can create a natural, glowing and long lasting make up with a dazzling eye make up ample in pigment.

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The best and most long lasting make up products of 2016 are here:

1. Illuminating primer

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer: this product has become almost as important as a good moisturiser to me. Even on days that I´m not using a foundation, I will apply a layer of Juice Beauty Illuminating Primer to my face to give it a beautiful glow and give my skin some extra moisture. Used as a primer it makes the foundation last longer and helps it apply more evenly on the skin.

2. Foundation

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation: the most perfect foundation in the Universe which I would not change a single thing with. It´s semi matte, velvety and thin fluid applies  on the face like a dream and lasts flawless throughout the day. The end result is neither too matte nor oily and shiny. At times I use this foundation without a finishing powder. The coverage is easy to make a bit heavier just by adding a second layer on the desired areas, but I prefer a very light coverage and usually use just one pump of this serum foundation which is just enough for the entire face to create a barely noticeable coverage.

3. Concealer

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer: an astonishing concealer. I have yet to come across such a heavily pigmented natural cosmetics concealer as this one. A super small dab of this product will entirely erase the dark circles from under your eyes and it leaves the eye contour area looking smooth and hydrated. Works wonders as an eye make up primer as well.

4. Powder

RMS Beauty Tinted Unpowder: this loose powder is lighter than fairy dust and leaves the foundation looking fresh throughout the day.

5. Blush

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek: creamy blushes became a daily in my vanity this year. I have always liked them but still for years in my daily make up used a powder blush. The RMS Beauty creamy blushes finally won me over and now I can´t even think of using anything else. The coral tone Smile is my all time favorite, it gives the face a fresh and healthy look.

6. Contour

Tata Harper Very Bronzing: if I had to choose one product that I do not want to live without it would probably be Tata´s creamy contouring bronzer. The product is absolutely brilliant and in my daily use with or without a foundation. The product description is a bit off in my opinion because instead of the tone being bronze it is more of a natural tan, just the right tone a good contour should be, and completely without shine.

7. Highlighter

RMS Beauty Master Mixer: the worlds top beauty gurus have been gasping at RMS Beauty´s highlighting Master Mixer. This versatile product can be mixed in any other product to bring a sophisticated glow to it. For me one of the most important aspects of a foundation aside of it looking natural is a beautiful glow and that´s where Master Mixer is a stellar product.

8. Eyebrow make up

Hynt Beauty Eyebrow Definer: does anybody remember the Joe Blasco classic Ultamatte? Ample in pigment, slightly waxy eyebrow make up which doubled as an eye liner. Hynt Beauty´s Eyebrow Definer is exactly that, just 100% natural. This kind of product has been long awaited in natural cosmetics, especially on the professional side.

9. Mascara

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara: Kjaer Weis supreme mascara has finally met it´s conquerer even though for the longest time I thought it to be impossible for any other brand to make such a good mascara. Juice Beauty launched a perfect natural cosmetics mascara, it makes your lashes look fabulous and keeps the curl in them. If a mascara makes the lashes flat, it´s not even worth the conversation.

10. Eye shadow

Hynt Beauty Perfetto Pressed Eye Shadow: the color selection of Hynt eye shadow´s is a bit narrow and could do with an expansion, but their texture is perfect. The eye shadows have ample pigment and last wonderfully. It will not shed during the day because of it´s intense pigment and it´s easy to create a beautiful, neutral eye make up with their tones. My personal favorites are Sunlit Dune, Rosy Velvet and Winter Cocoa.

11. Eye lining

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil: a perfect eye lining pencil is so soft the color applies on effortlessly and it´s easy to blur. It must work with the water lines and keep as well. The mineral makeup brand Alima Pure´s eye makeup pencil took the upper hand of my two nominees.

12. Lipstick

Kjaer Weis Lipstick: I would have been heart broken if Kjaer Weis new lipsticks wouldn´t have been perfect once again. Their packaging is so beautiful it´s a pleasure to use them every single time. The lipsticks have amazing stay and ample pigment. A good lipstick in my opinion is a matte and even a bit dry. In this lipstick it all comes together, from packaging to product. I love!

I would like to make an announcement, until there is a matching lip liner for every lipstick with even one brand, I will not be including them in my award ceremonies. Excuse me, but what sense does it make to manufacture a couple of nude color lip liners and forget all about the dark reds? That´s where the lip liner is needed the most! Looks like I need to start penciling this thing up myself if nobody else is up for the task! Grrrr!

13. Sheer lipstick 

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Satin Lip Cream: this creamy sheer lipstick has it´s place especially in daily make up. Juice Beauty´s new Satin Lip Cream in tone Rose is my go to lipstick when I don´t want to make a scene but like to look polished. You dan´t have to worry about fixing it through the day and it works as a lip balm as well.

14. Lip gloss

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Sheer Lip Gloss: thank you Gwyneth for answering to the call of a perfect lip gloss! A glossy lip makeup without glitter or heavy pigment has been on my interest list throughout the year, and until September the natural cosmetics market didn´t have a product to match my vision. When Juice Beauty´s new collection hit the markets it brought two perfect lip glosses with it, natural tones, no glitter.  My personal favorites are Naked and Bikini, either by themselves or over the Satin Lip Cream in Rosen.

15. Nail polish

Treat Collection: a nail polish is not natural cosmetics even though it´s 4 or 5 free without starch – It is paint after all. But still, it´s better to go with the less of evils. Treat Collection´s nail polishes apply on beautifully, dry pretty quickly and stay on really well. I´m not completely happy with any retailer´s color selection here in Helsinki, but then again, my personal scala of color choice is not that wild either.

16. Nail polish remover

Treat Collection Nail Polish Remover Wipes: I´m going to go on a limb here and say whoever invented these wipes was a woman. This is the most genius way of nail polish removal I have come across. These wipes are not the same thing as nail polish removal pads which you have to use one per finger, no, these wipes do all 20 of your nails with one wipe. No messing around with leaky bottles or fear of damaging your suitcase with a spilled remover. And the best thing is it doesn´t even smell like nail polish remover!

Special mention: Kure Bazaar Eau Dissolvante Hydratante à la Rose: if you like to play around with a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton balls I recommend using this 100% natural, beautifully packaged nail polish remover containing rose water.It will even remove a Chanel.

17. Best make up brand of 2016

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments: The collaboration between Gwyneth Paltrow and Juice Beauty resulting in the Phyto-Pigments make up line totally blew my mind, even with my expectation being sky high to begin with. I kind of lost it for a minute with these makeup´s and I´m sure that now the understanding of high quality natural cosmetics is beginning to spread onto the synthetic side as well. This line was definitely the most interesting of this year´s natural cosmetics launches.

We have now taken a look at The Best of 2016 natural cosmetics. Hope you found some interesting products in these posts. What were your favorite products of 2016? 


Photos Katja Kokko

Translated by Mariko Pajalahti

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