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The award ceremonies of 2016 best cosmetics products continues today with best body care products. The surface area of the skin on the body is much larger than on the face but body care seems to get far less attention than facial care. You should pay attention to treating your whole body though since when your skin feels good all around your body is a much nicer place to live in. Body care is a wonderful aromatherapeutic scent treat when you use high quality natural cosmetics products. On the list you will find the best daily cosmetics as well from toothpaste to deodorant. You can find the best facial skin care products here.

1. Shower gel

Weleda shower creams: aside of facial care I go for the most gentle body cleansing as well, so my top choice are shower creams and oils. Weleda´s shower creams are classics and their scents are so great it´s impossible to choose just one of them. You can choose the scent of the product according to your vibe and state of mind. At the moment I have the invigorating Sea Buck Thorn wash in my shower.

2. Body Scrub

Flow Cosmetics body scrubs: the Finnish brand Flow Cosmetics body scrubs are like body candy. I love their texture and the rough Himalayan salt bits. The Shea butter and coconut oil in these scrubs leaves the skin so smooth I usually don´t even have to use a lotion on my back after showering. From the three different scents I think my favorite is the peppermint scrub, but the coconut-lemon and vanilla-orange scrubs are so delightful as well that it´s a nearly impossible choice, luckily I can choose them all.

3. Bodylotion

Patyka Almond Blossom: Patyka´s new body products are conveniently packaged into tubes and are easy to take along for trips and hobbies. Patyka´s aesthetics are so delicate and beautiful that every time I use the silky almond flower scented lotion I feel a bit like a princess. A body lotion could have more of clod pressed plant oils in it but since I have bought this particular lotion so many times it seems that with this one I´m letting that matter slide and going for the sheer loveliness of this product to name it this year´s best body lotion. On the other hand my body care regimen has a high quality body oil because I do not want to slide form the nurturing properties of my body care.

4. Body oil

Kahina Essaouira Body Serum: the beautifully crafted scent of this body oil instantly takes you to the mystical ancient city of Essaouria in Morocco. The essential oils of rose, geranium, orange blossom and sandal wood give an exotic and fresh scent to the oil. Argan oil, watermelon oil and olive oil make the skin soft and elastic. Kahina´s black shiny bottles are a part of the shower deco and it´s hard to go for a more luxurious body care moment than this.

Special mention: Dr. Hauschka body oils: for a perfect mid price body bliss I must mention Dr. Hauschka body oils. They are pure bliss in soothing both body and mind. My personal favorite is their Swamp-Lavender which protects the skin, it´s scent relaxes the mind and promotes a restful sleep. I´ve been wondering about their body products being so unavailable in both known web shops and compartment stores. I hope someone takes a hint and stocks up with their full line of body products.

5. Self tanning lotion

Eco by Sonya Invisible Tan: the best self tanning lotions in the Universe can be found from the Australian Eco by Sonya. Even though I´m not a fan of a bottle tan, every spring I take a head start on tanning straight from the tube. The tone of Eco by Sonya Invisible Tan is perfect, not too orange or otherwise un natural. When you thoroughly dry brush your skin with the brand´s Eco Tan exfoliating glove, the color takes on smoothly, lasts longer and fades away beautifully.

6. Sunscreen

Algamaris SPF30 Spray: this year I had a chance to thoroughly test the natural cosmetics sunscreen selection under the burning hot sun. Algamaris is by far the best of all brands, the lotions textures are amazing, smooth on easily without leaving the skin white and their products have a lovely coconut scent which bring them that extra vacation feel. Especially the lighter spray became my favorite. It´s lightness lets the skin breathe and it´s packed in a tube with a spray nozzle because in natural cosmetics aerosol packages are off regulations.

7. Hand soap

Kahina Goat Milk & Honey Soap: I have completely transitioned into soap bars with hand washing because of it´s ecological advantage, with soap bars there´s no trash and one bar lasts for months. Kahina´s soap bar is super gentle with it´s goat milk, honey and argan oil and will not over wash your hands into dry mitts. They are so beautifully packaged that you kind of don´t even want to unwrap them. A beautiful and convenient gift idea.

8. Hand cream

Esse Hand Cream: the fast absorbing cream contains prebiotics which feed the skins good bacteria. Washing hands often strips the skin of healthy bacteria and lowers our immunity and Esse hand cream is a balancing action. Aside of Esse being pure genius in every other way too, so is the packaging of this hand cream, it´s pump tube is perfect for the purse and the scent is typical to Esse with delicious rooibos, peppermint and vanilla.

9. Foot cream

Neal’s Yard Remedies Comfrey & Mallow foot cream: many fall into the trap of thinking a good foot cream should be thick and greasy. Wrong! The best tamer for hardened soles is a light foot cream with more moisture than oils. Neal’s foot cream contains comfrey and mallow which invigorate tired feet and soothe aches. The cream softens rough heels and absorbs quickly.

10. Deodorant

Lavera Invisible 24h Deodorant: a natural cosmetics deodorant splits opinions like a mascara does. Nowadays I go for deodorants that have no natural aluminium and it raises the stakes even more in finding the perfect deodorant. Many prefer a cream deodorant and I too used them for a good while until I noticed that the arm pits of my white shirts begun staining. Lavera´s deodorant containing pearl extract totally got me by surprise, it keeps my white shirts clean and lasts through out the day.

11. Toothpaste

Dr. Hauschka Mint toothpaste: for me the most important quality in a good toothpaste aside of cleansing is a fresh taste. I love a toothpaste that is so fresh it almost feels like you ate a box of breath mints. It makes me sick to even think of the harsh cleansing agents in synthetic brands. Dr. Hauschka´s mint toothpaste is perfectly fresh, gently effective and it strengthens the gums.

We have now awarded the best face and body products, next up is the hair care product range. Stay tuned!


Photos Katja Kokko

Translated by Mariko Pajalahti

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