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Beauty | 26.3.2015 | Katja Kokko


Did you know that Ruohonjuuri’s store in Kamppi has been renovated to include a larger cosmetics department and a new beauty salon? There are now professional cosmetologists working at the store. How great is that? This is another step forward for natural cosmetics.

I had been given the honor of test-driving Ruohonjuuri’s beauty salon, and began my Saturday last week with a bit of pampering. Saturday morning is the best time to get a facial. I chose a lymphatic massage from the menu, and requested for Provida’s products to be used for the treatment.

I haven’t written about Provida in five years. I must rectify this; despite being one of the pioneers of natural cosmetics, in recent years, the brand has been left in the shadows of newer brands with better packaging. I foretell a retro-comeback, however, and what could be more nostalgic than Provida’s cute metallic tubes? The brand is also based on Ayurveda, a practice close to my heart.

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The thought of getting a facial in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Kamppi felt a little unappealing at first, but as I stepped into the salon, I was greeted with calm energy and a beautiful treatment room that was completely soundproof. My cosmetologist, Leena, was warm, and exuded a genuine passion for caring for others. I discussed this with a friend a few days ago. A perfect treatment requires more than luxurious settings and high-quality products; the most important factor is the cosmetologist. My personal priorities are unhurriedness, skill, and being truly present with the client – the cornerstones of the trade.

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My facial included steaming, a practice that has fallen out of fashion with most cosmetologists, and which I’ve never been a great fan of, myself. Leena used the steam in a lovely way, however, adding a drop of essential oil to the water. Actually, steaming was one of my favorite parts of the treatment. The wind was absolutely freezing that morning, and I felt like a popsicle when I arrived at my appointment. The salon bed was heated, however, and the herbal steam felt quite lovely as it gently blew across my face. Tucked in under a layer of warm blankets, I felt like a newly hatched chick.

But the most interesting part of the treatment was the lymphatic massage of the face and décolletage. Massages are always the best part of a facial, but they’re also often far too short. This massage went on for ages and allowed me to witness Leena’s skill and professionalism. As lymphatic massage consists primarily of palpating, sloppiness is easy to detect. Leena was very thorough, and I could see the effects on my face afterwards. I had had a bowl of bouillabaisse, some cheese, and a few glasses of wine at Muru the night before, you see. Consequently, I’d woken up on Saturday with swollen cheeks and puffy under-eyes. But after I came out of the salon, the puffiness and swelling were mostly gone, and when I came home I stopped in front of the mirror, staring in bemusement at my bright and poreless skin. I hadn’t expected such great results from a bit of lymphatic massage and Provida, but there I was – bright-skinned and refreshed.

Top marks for Ruohonjuuri’s beauty salon, in other words; I would highly recommend it for a good pampering session. A brightening facial is a good way to greet the coming spring. Other must-have treatments include the foot spa and Indian head massage. A proper Indian head massage is nothing short of divine.

The website for Ruohonjuuri’s spa can be found here; appointments can be made online.

Have you tried the new salon at Ruohonjuuri?


Treatment was free of charge

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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