Christmas Gift Guide 6/6: Angelic Perfumes

Beauty | 15.12.2014 | Katja Kokko


This is a sponsored collaboration with Natural Goods Company

For the last segment of the Christmas gift guide, I’ve gone for something a bit more luxurious: the intoxicating perfumes of German company Florascent.

There’s a definite dearth of brands specializing in natural perfumes, so the recent addition of Florascent into Natural Goods Company’s selection of goods was more than welcome.


Florascent’s perfumes have revived the 18th century European art of perfumery, using only the purest flower and aromatic plant extracts to create the foundation of its fragrances. Traditional distilling and extraction methods are used to preserve the natural and untainted aura of the ingredients; and the scents are left to mature for months, giving them their full-bodied, signature character.

The brand’s assortment consists of dozens of perfumes and eau de toilettes in packages charmingly reminiscent of the belle epoque period, and the company’s angel logo seems to be made to grace these bottles.


From all the Florascent perfumes available at Natural Goods Company, which I carefully sniffed my way through, there is one that stands out above the rest: the softly sweet Umami.

This deliciously sweet scent has top notes of vanilla and zesty yuzu fruit. Pimento chili, ginger and osmanthus flower create a harmonious heart note, while the bottom notes are provided by spicy tonka bean and sandalwood.

Natural scents seldom last on the skin for more than two hours, but the sweet scent of Umami lingers behind the ear well into the evening.


Another sweet-scented favorite of mine is Pivoine: a fresh bouquet of peony, jasmine, rose, and citrus fruit. If you prefer fresh and bright scents, The Vert is for you; and although the tender spring blossoms of Grasse are cut with hints of apricot and clove, Rose should still please the fans of the traditional rosy scent.

For men I would recommend Du Soleil; a gust of Mediterranean herbs, including wild tarragon, sage and lemon, with bottom notes of Tuscan cedar and velvety wood scents.

Have you tried Florascent’s perfumes? Which of these are going on your Christmas wish list?

The Natural Goods Company web store offers free shipping within 2-5 days (Finland only).


Angel statue Espan Enkelit

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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