The Best Concealer in the World

Beauty | 23.9.2014 | Katja Kokko


There’s nothing like finding the best thing in the world. Like the best concealer in the world. Hallelujah, friends!

Until now, Coleur Caramel’s concealers have been the best thing available, and I have sworn by them. Still, the consistency is a bit thin, and too slippery to cover spots and pimples.

I logged onto Naturelle the moment Suki’s new concealers were made available. Having tried out many a Suki product without once being let down by their technicality or their effectiveness, I was only worried about the shades in which the concealers would come. I needn’t have been.


The formula is deliciously creamy and very highly pigmented; it is easy to apply, lasts for ages, and is neither too dry nor too greasy, but just firm enough. It would therefore be perfect for dry-as-the-desert under-eyes and oily skin alike.

There are two shades: the pale Buttercream, and a darker one in the shade Honey. I’ve used both, but one would suffice. They are good basic shades, suited for covering dark circles under the eyes, priming the eyelids, as well as concealing redness. Neither shade is a clear peach or olive color, which are the traditional choices for concealers.


Buttercream is definitely the one that is best suited for Scandinavian complexions, and I’ve found it to be perfect for covering up dark circles and spots (and it stays on oh-so well!). I’ve added just a bit of Honey when concealing under my eyes, mainly just to see how the shade blends in with my skin tone, and perhaps to bring a bit of color to my face, now that my tan has all but faded.

Honey is a good match if you’ve got a tan or if you have darker skin tone, but also for lighter skin tones if you have very dark circles under your eyes. A friend with lighter skin than mine tried Honey on her dark circles, which are naturally very dark, and the color was a perfect match. Don’t try covering up very dark or blue circles with a concealer that’s too pale – you’ll end up with grey circles instead.


Since we’re talking about a natural cosmetic product, the concealer is of course also caring. It’s got a nice list of repairing butters and oils, including shea butter, beeswax, candelilla wax, resin oil, borage seed oil, and hazelnut oil. Due to its thick and sticky consistency, resin oil is actually a really good ingredient to have in your make up base. The concealer also contains willow bark extract and caffeine, amongst others, which keep the impurities at bay.

Extra points for including a mirror with the packaging!

Besides the concealer, Naturelle also gave me Suki’s tinted day creams (SPF 15) for testing. Based on a quick, one-off test, I think they are very convincing, and I’ll write up a post on them a bit later.

Using the code KATJA15 at check-out will give you 15% off of any product at Naturelle, until the end of November.


Products provided for testing by Naturelle

Photos Katja Kokko

Translation Katja Nikula

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