Zuii Spring Makeup Look 3/3: Metallic Purple Smoky Eyes

Katja Kokko | 5.4.2015


This post is a collaboration with Zuii

So much for soft and sweet, time to slap on some paint! Zuii’s spring looks so far have featured mint-green cat-eyes and sugary sweet pink lips with pink-and-gold toned nude eyes.

The last look is a bit more dramatic, therefore, with metals, violets, blues and a splash of black making up the color palette. Spring doesn’t have to mean stripping off the dark eyes; a strong smoky-eye look is always in fashion, especially when you update the colors to suit the season. But can you guess the colors that were used for this look? It’s not what you might think.

Do you you think you could pull off this look? How would you change it to suit you?






Makeup Katja Kokko/Zuii

Hair Reija/Hiushuone Dandy

Earrings Balmain/Boutique Kaarina K.

Model Amelie/Fondi

Photos Mikko Rasila

Translation Katja Nikula


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