Introducing: the Personal Beauty Guide

Beauty | 14.1.2015 | Katja Kokko


The time has finally come for me to reveal something entirely new for the new year. There are more lovely surprises to come, but they will have to remain a secret for now.

This past fall my inbox was flooded with your sweet messages asking for skin care tips and product recommendations. There are lots of great products out there, of course, but finding the right thing for one’s own skin can sometimes be difficult for the uninitiated. People often get the wrong products because they don’t know their own skin type, or because of misguided ideas about skin care.

The idea for an electronic, individually customized skin care program was thanks to your requests. I wanted the service to be visually appealing – something that could be given as a gift. I also wanted to collaborate with an online store with as wide and effective range of products for different skin types and conditions as possible; the client would also receive a discount code for the store upon buying the service.

This service has been honed to perfection and is now ready for use.

The Personal Beauty Guide is an electronic, personally designed skin care program, complete with product recommendations. I will be using a questionnaire to determine your skin type as closely as possible, as well as figuring out you current skin care routine, to help discover any problem areas.

The Personal Beauty Guide is € 75 and contains a one-time 10% discount to Naturelle.

You can buy the service by emailing me at katja(at) You will be sent the questionnaire, after which I will plan a customized skin care guide; this will also be sent to you by email.

Emmi-Liia, who runs the blog Torkkuja & Nokosia, has tried the Personal Beauty Guide – you can read about the experience here. (Finnish only)

katjakokko-2-kopio Graphic design by Kirsikka Simberg

Photos Emmi-Liia Sjöholm

Translation Katja Nikula

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