Pastoral Skin Care

Beauty | 8.10.2014 | Katja Kokko


The last time I had a facial and a skin cleanse was in June. As fruit acids and serums have kept blockages and blackheads at bay, I hadn’t really felt the need for a treatment since then. Going from summer to fall is always a bit tricky for my skin, however, and this year has been no exception. The invitation to have a facial at Karoliina Rauhala’s salon Liinu’n Organic Beauty couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve been in Karoliina’s capable hands twice before, on a cruise boat a few years ago. Her hands left a memory trace on my skin, so I fairly sure I knew what to expect. In truth, my expectations were light years away from the reality, which was something so wonderful that I almost think this post belongs in the body & mind – category. This was pastoral skin care.

Karoliina’s salon is on Fleminginkatu in Kallio, next to the office of Noora Shingler of Kemikaalikoktail. Don’t let the rowdy location fool you; once you step in to Karoliina’s salon, you’re transported to a place of peace and harmony.


We discussed my skin and planned out the treatment while Karoliina prepared tea. I think my skin is at its best right now. It is toned and glowing even without makeup. I have the occasional blockage or black head, as I said, mostly due to seasonal changes. My skin tends to be a bit dry after the summer, but not badly enough to cause dullness or flaking. I do need a richer moisturizer, though.

While sipping my tea I had a look at the RMS Beauty products which are available at the salon, and also at her web shop. I’m tempted by the new cream eye shadow in bright turquoise, which might go well with Zuii’s powder eye shadow in Mermaid. The pigment in RMS Beauty’s products are amazing; the smallest brush of the turquoise shadow showed up quite bright on the skin, as did the lovely and extremely violet lip shine. Apart from RMS Beauty, Karoliina’s salon also stocks products from Suki, Patyka, 66/30 (a men’s brand), Sacred Nature, and Kure Bazaar.


Karoliina suggested an anti-age treatment, with an accompanying mechanical skin cleanse. What is special about this treatment is a massage designed to stimulate the tissue of the skin, thus increasing its natural production of collagen and elastin to firm the skin. The massage improves interaction between tissue layers, which in turn helps the basement membrane to regain some of the elasticity that is lost as the skin ages. Karoliina has witnessed the benefits of this tissue massage in many clients, and the treatment can be administered on a weekly or monthly basis to boost the skin.

Karoliina began the treatment by taking off my makeup, which she followed with a mechanical skin cleanse using a black head remover to (as you might have guessed) remove blackheads and blockages. This was interesting as cleansing is usually done after exfoliating the skin. My blockages were apparently easily removed, however, hence the order. This also meant that the unpleasant part came at the very start of the treatment, allowing me to fall into a lovely trance afterwards. Five minutes later, I was off in a world of my own.


The tissue massage felt almost magical. I later had to ask Karoliina whether she used some kind of rolling pin to massage the skin. But no, the magic was all in her hands. It has to be the most interesting face massage I’ve ever been given.

While the fruit acid peel from Comfort Zone’s Sacred Nature range was doing its job, I was treated to a head massage. I think giving head massages requires talent, which you either have or don’t have. Karoliina definitely has it, and the experience was heavenly. I would gladly pay for two hours of head massage. Ahh.


After the fruit acids, I was given a lymphatic face massage. This massage helps get rid of those chipmunk cheeks, and flushes out toxins. Unlike normal lyphatic massages, the one Karoliina gave me was designed to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, and her movements were tighter and more caressing than those used in traditional lymphatic massage. My mind was completely blank, and yet I was carefully observing each stage of the treatment. I noted the smallest details, such as the noises in the room – the music, the crinkling of a paper or the clinking of bowls, the sound of water running, the sound of heels on the floor, the temperature of the compresses – everything. If I could get to a point where I notice nothing but my own ever-deepening relaxation, I’d be in paradise. Or at Liinu’n Organic Beauty.

While the speakers played the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, Karoliina applied a mask onto my face and, in complete silence, moved down to massage my feet. I’ve had some very sore trigger points in my feet since last winter, so I jump at any opportunity for a foot massage (lucky are those who have foot masseurs at home!). The foot massage was almost as divine as the head massage (but nothing quite beats that). I realized I was being given the perfect treatment at the perfect time. These last months have been pretty crazy and although I’ve been resting, I have forgotten to treat myself. My very soul was crying out for some TLC.


Karoliina concluded the treatment by applying a moisturizer from Sacred Nature onto my skin, which I was given, along with Suki’s Balancing Oil, to test at home. There are still a few drops of my old moisturizer left in the bottle, but once it’s gone I will be giving Sacred Nature’s richer cream a try.

I got to take my time waking up after the treatment. I can barely describe how wholly cared for I felt. I promised myself I would book myself another appointment before Christmas.

The address for Karoliina Rauhala’s salon Liinu’n Organic Beauty in Kallio is Fleminginkatu 2. Products can also be bought from her web shop.


Treatment was free of charge.

Photos Samuli Alapuranen

Translation Katja Nikula

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