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Beauty | 21.9.2016 | Katja Kokko


A couple of weeks ago I told you guys about an amazing surprise I found at my door. The treasures of Neal’s Yard Remedies and Deliciously Ella collaboration skin care line were waiting for me.

Most of you probably know Deliciously Ella through her life style change that has become a world wide phenomenon. Ella Woodward is a 24 year old food blogger from London. The corner stones of her diet used to be sugar and processed foods – the only vegetables and fruit she ate were bananas and corn. Four years ago she was diagnosed with POTS syndrome which instantly brought her to bed rest. POTS syndrome is a condition which damages the autonomic nervous system and compromises heart function, blood circulation and the digestive system. Ella was prescribed a pile of medication which she would had to live with for the rest of her life, which naturally brought along a good pile of side effects.


Ella begun desperately seeking for information and a cure to her illness. She came to the conclusion that by leaving all sugar, additives, dairy products, gluten, meat and processed foods she could begin to heal. The problem was that Ella could not cook to save her life so she started a food blog to help herself get motivated. Her blog instantly became a phenomenon and now she has some 2,5 million readers a month. In England alone her first book has sold over 200 000 copies. Due to her life style change Ella was able to drop all medication two years ago.


Ella´s positive and sparkling demeanour inspired England´s most well known natural cosmetics brand Neal’s Yard Remedies to the point where they decided to shack up and design a skin care line together. The Deliciously Ella Rose Lime Cucumber products were launched this fall and they are literally flying off the shelves! I visited Jolie last week were there was an empty shelf where her products had been sold out. The word about the products coming to Finland had made it´s rounds swiftly. The products are sweet in price and size and adorably beautiful. But that´s not enough to make the products good, so let´s take a closer look at the contents of the blue bottles.


The line for now has only two products: a cleanser and a moisturiser, but hopefully the line will grow to have at least a toner and a mask. The main ingredients of the products are Ella´s favorites, rose, lime and cucumber. Sniffing the scents of the products you cannot help but fall in love with the deliciously fresh combination. Probably would have not come up with such a lovely combination myself!

The cleanser is gel like and aside the cooling and brightening cucumber water it contains sea salt, acai berry, blueberry, lime, rose, spirulina and the super antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase.  You know how I feel about gel like cleansers. If the cleanser would be a milk I would whole heartedly rave about it. I can celebrate the ingredients in it, but due to it´s gel composure it will not find it´s way to my daily regimen.


The moisturiser on the other hand is a perfect ten: the 100 ml bottle costs 36,50 €, the composition is perfect and even though the price is so modest there is a true emphasis on using genuine vegetable oils. This product is absolutely fantastic! The active ingredients in the moisturiser are perfectly in line with the cleanser, brightening cucumber, turmeric which reduces inflammation and has tons of antioxidants, moisturising hyaluronic acid, calming rose, nourishing blueberry, a good dose of antioxidants from superoxide dismutase, invigorating spirulina, cleansing lime and renewing frankinsense. The nourishing vegetable oils are a combination of cacao butter, baobab oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil and coconut oil. The moisturiser suits all skin types and it´s composition is ideal: the balance of moisture and oils is not too rich for easily clogging skin, but has enough moisturising properties for dry skin. The scent of cucumber, lime and rose is so invigorating that you instantly want to whip up a refreshing green smoothie!

Have you had a chance to try the Deliciously Ella products already?


Photos Katja Kokko

Translation by Mariko Pajalahti

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