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A while ago, the divine Tata Harper launched two new products for the body: a luxurious body scrub and a firming body balm. These products can now be found on I got to be the lucky guinea pig and pamper myself with them in my home spa.

When Tata Harper arrived at the Finnish market in January, the range was missing the creamy Volumizing Lip & Cheek tints. These lovely little pots are now part of the range, and I couldn’t help but to fall in love with them. I was looking forward to trying them out like a kid looks forward to cake.


As is always the case with Tata Harper, the packaging is beautiful enough to be a decorational element in the bathroom, with the elegant green glass and the combination of yellow and gold.

The Smoothing Body Scrub has a very soft, rich and velvety consistency – very luxurious. The exfoliating granules are made of Himalayan and Hawaiian salt, cranberry fibre, apricot seed powder and organic sugar, and they’re combined with sunflower seed oil, argan oil and olive oil. The combination of exfoliating ingredients is really interesting!

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The scrub is gentle, efficient and deeply moisturizing. This is exactly the kind of soft exfoliation my legs need right now. The dryness my face suffered from during spring has spread elsewhere on the body and my skin is constantly tight and dry, especially on the legs.

Usually my legs get easily irritated with body scrubs, but my hair follicles didn’t mind Tata’s scrub at all. The skin felt silky, and there were no ingrown hairs.

The scrub also contains Tata’s special mix of herbal extracts: arnica, alfalfa, meadowsweet, borage and calendula. This combination soothes the skin, moisturizes and acts as an antioxidant, meaning it helps to repair the damage caused by free radicals.


The Redefining Body Balm is solid in the jar, but when applied to skin it melts and spreads evenly. The balm is especially formulated for stretch marks, and it gives pre-natal skincare that little bit of luxury and pampering every mother-to-be deserves.

I don’t have experience on stretch marks, but I know a thing or two about tight skin. I don’t know what happened this spring, but nowadays the skin on my body might start feeling tight even during the day underneath my clothes. It feels lacking in moisture and oils.

Body oils are not enough for my skin outside of summertime – or tropical holidays. I need a deeply moisturizing body lotion accompanied by oil, preferably these two mixed together. My empirical studies have however shown that Tata’s balm takes care of my needs on its own – pure magic!


The vegetable butters in the balm work as occlusive agents, meaning they form a light film on the skin that blocks the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Still, the butters allow the skin to breathe, and provide it with nutrients – there are plenty of those in these butters: murumuru, kokum, cacao, capuaçu, mango and shea. They help keep sustain the skin’s elasticity.

Tamanu oil strenghtens the skin, fades scars and prevents new ones from forming. Acai oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamins E and C and several different kinds of antioxidants. Palm extract and red algae firm the skin, fortify collagen strands and work as humectants, storing moisture.

In my experience, this balm truly works wonders. It’s currently the only product that doesn’t make my skin feel like a piece of leather clothing that’s one size too small. The Body Scrub used before the balm maximizes the nutrients and the absorption of active ingredients.


The Volumizing Lip & Cheek pots are definitely among the most interesting new make up products on the Finnish market. Who wouldn’t want to keep such a beautiful pot in their purse? In the 21st Century, the most beautiful things in your make up bag do not come from Chanel or Dior.

The product itself is wonderful as well. When it comes to natural cosmetics, make up products are also skincare products. The name for the product (“Volumizing”) comes from the nourishing vegetable oils and extracts that help smoothen the lines on lips, while the color pigments and mica, a light reflecting mineral, help create fuller looking lips.

The tint comes in three shades: Very Charming, a rosy pink, Very Vivacious, a coral, and Very Sweet, a soft peach.


To demonstrate the shades, I snapped a picture of how each one looks on my face. In the picture below, I’m wearing Very Charming on both my cheeks and lips. This is a very versatile color – though pink, a lovely neutral, and therefore suitable for anyone.


In the next picture I’m wearing Very Vivacious on my cheeks and lips. This perfect summer color is great for anyone who likes warm shades. During winter, I don’t like such warm shades, but in the spring and especially in the summer this looks great, especially on sunkissed skin.

DSC_0099 1

Last but not least, Very Sweet – one of the all time best shades for creating a nude look. A soft pastel, not a hint of too much peachy pigment to make the shade too cutesy.

It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite between these three, but Very Sweet has ended up in my wallet (where I keep the lipstick and lipbalm I’m currently using). So in everyday use, I guess that’s my number one.

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How do you feel about Tata’s new products? Which one of these products do you find most interesting and which one would you find the most use for? What is your favorite shade of the lip and cheek tints? What other products are you using from Tata’s range? 


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Pictures Katja Kokko

Translation Eeva Kolu

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