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Inke’s Beauty Corner: Updating the Makeup Bag with Natural Cosmetics, Part 5 – Concealer

Inke’s Beauty Corner | 28.1.2019 | Inke

Inke’s Beauty Corner puts natural cosmetics to the test as possible replacements for her go-to products.

As I mentioned in my recent blogpost on blushers: I don’t necessarily use concealer every day, but when I need it I reallyneed it. 

Take this January for example. Short story: recuperating from a stressful period coupled with wine, cheese, sugar, sub-zero temperatures and dry indoor air definitely show on the face. Right now, a good concealer gets all my respect. 

But what is a good concealer? It blends and fades in well. Rich in pigment. Durable. Doesn’t gather in wrinkles. In one word: reliable. One blemish doesn’t ruin my day, but doesn’t make it better either. 

A good concealer does its best to hide thespot you think everyone is staring at but in reality no one even notices. 

While the concealer does its magic in making impurities unnoticeable, it gets them off the mind, too – and that makes all the difference sometimes.  


Old fave: NARS cult classic Radiant Creamy Concealerthat comes in an applicator tube, and its newer sister product Soft Matte Complete Concealer packed in a jar, both in shade Custard

Natural alternative: Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in shade Medium

Why I love the original:

Well that’s easy – because it conceals. Or theydo. And stay on. 

The duo tackle blemishes, under-eye circles and redness around the nose. I could even choose just one of the two and be just about as happy. But in the mornings, I prefer the jar, as the product goes on thicker and is easy to smother on with fingertips or a brush over areas in need of extra coverage after foundation. 

But the applicator tube is number one in my handbag. The slightly runnier consistency is a little easier to apply and blend in during the course of the day – even if wearing powder. And if the crazy thing of squeezing a pimple has occurred that has resulted in a nice crusty crater (of course this never, ever happens, ahem…), the liquid version works a treat in covering its nooks and crannies. Luckily this scenario is just hypothetical, right…? 

The jar version seems to be the more hygienic of the two, though, at least if applying with a clean brush or spatula. In the end, I guess it’s just a matter of choice – it’s what’s in that counts, and in this case, both do it right. 

Both are tricky to get one’s hands on in Finland, which doesn’t help in ensuring I’m using the best possible shade. So, I wonder if I could find a natural alternative that would also be more readily available? 

How does the natural option compare: 

What, is there a difference? Oh, yes – the ingredients. I confess that I checked the ingredients in the NARS products only when writing this post, and it’s quite a list. First on the list (oh, the irony) is dimethicone, a silicone-based polymer that triggers impurities. The list goes on with so many terms referring to plastic and silicone that I don’t remember seeing anything quite like it. 

The Hynt Beauty alternative is a natural product that provides just as much coverage and blends in and stays on just as well as the “plastic” product.  If someone switched the lids, I probably wouldn’t even notice. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t mind if someone did switch the lids for me every day: I find the monochrome, matt black look of NARS more appealing than Hynt’s pink, romantic approach! But as I already mentioned – it’s what’s on the inside that counts. If the product provides just as much coverage but is toxic-free and available in my hometown, I’m happy to overlook the Barbie vibes. 


If you haven’t tried the Hynt concealer yet, then do. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it is just as good as whatever you are using – probably better. 

The limited selection of shades on offer is a downside: there are only 7 options available, but at least cater also for darker skin tones. Let’s hope the range expands in the coming years – just to compare, the professional NARS range of applicator-type concealers comes in as many as 30 different shades. The composition of the Hynt concealer has what it takes for the same level of success, which should be reflected in the selection of shades! 

Shade Medium of the Hynt Beauty concealer is a little yellower than the NARS Custardshade, but both blend in perfectly into my skin. It’s another product that makes me wonder why those plasticingredients have ended up in cosmetics in the first place – as apparently a product like this can be made perfectly well without that junk. 

It’s another hit, so will have to bite my lip and switch the two products in my makeup bag! 

Hynt Beauty / NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer / NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Updating the makeup bag with natural cosmetics – what’s it all about? 

Inke’s Beauty Corner is looking to swap her go-to products in the makeup bag with natural products – they have to be just as good but hopefully better. 

Updates so far:
skin tints that even out the skin tone and give it light coverage
cream blush stick in a certain shade of coral pink
a good mascara with a lash-separating, natural finish
fairly natural but super fabulous cream highlighter

– pigment concealer that comes in a jar

Upcoming tests:
– non-caking loose powder that sets makeup without killing glow
– serum foundation rich in pigment
– volumising, tinted brow gel
– cream eyeshadow applied with fingertips that intensifies the gaze
– perfect, fiery red lipstick with a matt texture that’s not dry

Translated by Rebecca Watson