I´m a Helsinki based natural beauty therapist, a make-up artist and a yoga instructor. I have worked in the beauty industry for about eighteen years as a make-up artist, beauty therapist, consultant, an entrepreneur and as a beauty editor.

On 2012 I built a successful company, Jolie wellness concept. It has a beautiful natural cosmetics shop in the center of Helsinki, a beauty salon and is a professional quality natural cosmetics importer and has also a web shop. In July of 2014 I sold my share of Jolie and continued to work with my passion with new projects as a product developer, author, independent blogger and as a yoga instructor.

In the fall of 2015, after working on product development for Anne Kukkohovi´s Supermood natural cosmetics for a year, we launched the third product family Youth Glo. I consulted in product development and in the raw ingredients of the products. Currently I am working on a new product development project with a new line. I have also studied natural cosmetics formulation in the world’s leading organic cosmetic science school Formula Botanica.

My first book on natural skincare Genuine Beauty came out in December 2015. The beautiful book is illustrated by the multi talented photographer Kaapo Kamu. The English version of the book came out in April 2017 as an eBook. You can find more information about the book from here.

I´m an endless explorer of natural cosmetics. My enthusiasm lights up working with natural raw ingredients and seeing the results that can be obtained through their use in skincare. I want to inspire women to see skincare as an everyday luxury instead of a necessary routine and an important part of our holistic wellbeing.

The things that I hold dear in my personal life are reflected in the major themes of this blog. If you are interested in commercial collaboration with my blog take a look at my services.

Photo Elina Simonen